Hard Work DOES Pay Off!

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On a theoretical level, we know that hard work pays off. But sometimes, in our eager rush to succeed, we forget one thing:


The truth is that things may not line up the way we want, when we want. (If only life were that easy!) All we can do is a have a dream, work hard at it, continue to persevere and believe, and then release it to the Universe. I guarantee you that the dream will eventually manifest, but it may not be on your preferred time table.

As writers, we have certain frustrations. A few months ago, I found myself working extremely hard one particular day. I slugged out promotional email after promotional email. I painstakingly edited two of my books. I agonized over the right wording for my monthly Newsletter. I researched agents and publishers until two o’clock in the morning. When I finally closed my bleary eyes, this thought jumped into my head:

Yeah, I worked hard today. Really hard. But what do I have to show for it?

I realized that despite my efforts, I did, in fact, have nothing to show for it that day. Nobody responded to my (many) emails, I had no idea if people were even reading my Newsletter, and I did not seem any closer to finding publishers or an agent. These were depressing thoughts. We all feel this way at times, no matter what profession we’re in. We work and work, we sweat and we toil, and then….it can be anti-climactic because we don’t see the fruits of our labour right away.

perseveranceWell, I’m here to remind you that just because you can’t immediately see results, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

When you’re planting a new dream, it start out as a little seedling. And little seedlings take time to grow. You have to keep watering them. You have to ensure they get enough sunlight. But most of all, you have to keep believing and loving them. Some little seedlings may even die along the way. And that’s okay. Just keep your eye on the bigger picture, which is the dream you’re nurturing and working towards.

And so after my exhaustive day, I picked myself up the next morning and doggedly continued my work. I kept believing. I kept trying. And you know what happened? Two weeks later, TWO literary agents expressed interest in my work! After a month and a half of interviews and negotiation, the most magicacapturel thing happened:


I can now happily announce that I am currently represented by the wonderful and talented Jennifer Hunt from The Booker Albert Literary Agency. (I am also announcing that I’m doing my crazy happy dance all over my house!)

So I urge you:


Whichever career path you chose: remember that every effort comes back to you, tenfold. Continue to work hard and believe. Most of all, be patient. That’s when the miracle happens…

Love & Light,


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