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It’s all about the children. Many of us dedicate our careers to educating, entertaining and helping children. There’s nocalpturething more rewarding than that!

Enter the multi-talented Montrealer Betty Esperanza:

She’s the CEO of her own business.

She’s a motivational speaker.

She’s a full-on, creative powerhouse.

And, she found an exciting way to fuse her desire to help children with something modern and cool. In 2009, she founded Skateboards For Hope. It’s an organization that empowers youth living in poverty using SKATEBOARDS as a tool. How cool is that? Betty and her organization have donated over 1000 skateboards to date, to various places such as Cuba, Uganda and Mohawk territories among many others.

In addition to providing underprivileged children with skateboards, Esperanza also created an Ambassador program for young kids aged 5 to 12. The primary goal is to not only spread awareness about the mission of Skateboards for Hope, but also, to celebrate the joy of skateboarding. Esperanza and her team were recently featured at Kidcon, a yearly event for children that gives them the opportunity to explore, discover and play in a unique and engaging environment. They initiated 1000 children to skateboarding for the first time.

And in case ycapture2ou’re wondering, this is about a lot more than just skateboarding!

  • It’s about giving children hope.
  • It’s about encouraging them to find solutions to their immediate problems.
  • It’s about inspiring them to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It’s about allowing them to be an intricate part of the community, and giving them a voice.


As for Esperanza, she continues to plug away at her passion. This December, she jets off to Cuba to reunite with her skaters, which promises to be thrilling event. Then she’ll plan her 2017 activities which include a first time trip to Gulu for exciting events and the construction of some mobile skate ramps. She’s also busy organizing Fresh Hope, a skate deck art exhibition in which she will collaborate with the company Fresh Paint. Thirty artists were selected to create powerful art on skateboard decks that will be donated to kids around the world via Skateboards for Hope.

There’s no stopping Esperanza, just like there’s no stopping hope…

For more information, check out:

Fresh Hope Vernissage: Thursday, December 8,2016 at 7:00pm

Fresh Paint Gallery – 209 Saint Catherine Street, East, Montreal, H2X 1L2



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