#FallWritingFrenzy 2022 Rules

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After last year’s successful third edition, our Fall Writing Frenzy contest is back! Yahoo!

This contest was created by agent Kaitlyn Sanchez, and I (Lydia Lukidis) have the absolute honor of co-hosting by her side again. As always, we’re delighted to be offering awesome critique prizes from a crew of ultra talented and experienced donors (That list will be up shortly.) And, like every year, we are beyond excited to introduce you to our guest judge! Please welcome multi-talented author and speaker Alyssa Reynoso-Morris.

We can’t wait for another year of this wonderful, community-building contest.


Our goal for this contest remains the same as Kaitlyn’s original goal from the start: to create connections and help writers grow! You’ll get the chance to be inspired and possibly write about something you never thought you would all while connecting with other writers in the community (potentially even forming your own new communities) and connecting with prize donors who are well-respected in the literary community. And best of all, if you’re selected as a winner, you’ll be connected directly with a prize donor for a written critique of a kidlit piece of your choosing!

So, how does this all work?



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Please note: this contest is for un-agenting writers.

1.Select one of the images below and write about it.

It can be a poem, a story, a mood piece, or whatever comes to mind. Happy, scary, beautiful, grotesque, whatever suits your fancy for any kidlit age, board book through young adult. You can write about the picture in a literal or metaphorical way, or focus on a memory or emotion it elicits. Just let the photo inspire you and have fun!

Maximum length: 200 words (not including the title).

2. Submit your entry between October 1 and October 3, 2022 11:59 PM EST.

Come back to this website and there will be a special blog post specifically for entries. You will enter your information to the form on the blog post, including the link to your blog post where you’ve posted your writing. If you don’t have a blog, no worries, you can post in the comments of the blog post. This is meant to create connections with others in the writing community so you visit (and maybe even subscribe to each other’s blogs).

One entry per person.

3. Share, share, share! Please spread the word about the contest with your writing groups, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

When you do, we’d love it if you tag us so we can interact too! Kaitlyn is @kaitlynleann17 and Lydia is @LydiaLukidis. And once the event starts, comment on other entries with supportive, encouraging messages. Don’t forget to use out official hashtag: #FallWritingFrenzy.

4. The winners will be selected by Kaitlyn, Alyssa, myself, OR their prize donor.

We’ll choose whatever speaks to us the most, could be sentimental, sweet, powerful, funny, lyrical, scary, inspiring, or something we haven’t thought of. We’re excited to be surprised!

5. We are aiming to announce the winners by October 31st but depending on how many wonderful entries there are, it may take longer.

Please be patient with us so we can give each entry the attention it deserves.

Have any questions? Want to know more?

  • Click HERE to view the FAQs

  • Click HERE to view some writing samples

  • Click HERE to see the winners from 2021

  • Click HERE and HERE for some #FallWritingFrenzy success stories!

Also, we have a new badge for all you wonderful contestants!Fall Frenzy contestant 2022

Simply right click on the icon and save it on your desktop. Feel free to post it on your bogs, websites and/or social media!

And please support all the donors by reading, reviewing, buying, doing library purchase requests, and/or sharing about their books and/or their clients’/authors’ books. Most of all, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!!


Lydia and Kaitlyn


So, are you guys ready for the 2022 Fall Writing Frenzy images?? Here they are:

Selina Wing for Bing

Halloween- Credit: Samantha Hurley / Burst

Brian Wangenheim for Unsplash

Halloween- Credit: Brian Wangenheim for Unsplash

 Udayaditya Barua for Unsplash

Diwali- Credit: Udayaditya Barua for Unsplash

Sebastiaan Stam for Unsplash

Halloween- Credit: Sebastiaan Stam for Unsplash

Rosh Hashanah- Credit: Igal Ness for Unsplash

Halloween- Credit: Sarah Pflug for Burst

Diwali- Credit: Nandu Menon for Unsplash

Halloween- Credit: Selina Wing for Bing

Día de los Muertos- Credit: Stefano Ciociola for Unsplash

Durga Puja- Credit: Souvik Laha for Unsplash

Fall- Credit: Daniele Colucci for Unsplash

Mooncake Festival- Credit: Tehcheesiong for Stock Free Images

Fall- Credit: John Mccann for Unsplash

Sukkot- Credit: Olalamk for Freepik

Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to read your entries!

PS- For those who are visually impaired, please email Lydia (info@lydialukidis.com) for a sound clip detailing all the images.