What’s on your Bucket List?

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As the saying goes, growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. I love my life, but one ingredient that’s missing lately is adventure. I’ve always been an extrovert and loved having fun, but I’ve never been a daredevil or particularly gutsy.

So I decided that I want to consciously infuse my life with adventure. The question is, where do I find it? Between parenting, household duties and work, I have no idea where to find it!

But then I had an amazing experience this summer that opened my eyes up and reminded me that adventure is everywhere! And bonus: it’s easier to come by than I originally thought. Adventure can pop at any time, in any situation. Plus you don’t need to jump out of a plane or sandboard on a live volcano to be adventurous (good thing!).

This summer, I went to Greece with my daughter Emerald. It was her birthday, and her grand-parents bought her some windsurfing lessons. I initially thought this was an insane idea for a 6 year, but she was eager.

As we made our way to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and the class began, I was nervous and scared. But my daughter was not. She just calmly listened to the instructor and then fearlessly got up on the board, and sailed away all on her own. Just like that.

I was stunned. My 6 year old daughter was windsurfing and barely falling. And when she did fall, she didn’t panic. She simply got back on the board and continued. It was a magical moment. Tears came to my eyes and I felt deeply moved and inspired. I was incredibly proud of her.

Then my daughter turned to me and asked me if I would take a course. Before even thinking, I blurted out, “NO!” But then I realized, here I am, asking for adventure, and the Universe was providing me with a wonderful opportunity.

So instead of saying no, I said yes. I shut down the voices that said I couldn’t do it or would fall, and got onto the boat with sheer determination. The moment my instructor let go of my sails, I was shaking. The wind picked up, and I took off!

The first minutes were scary but then I started to relax. I felt completely free, it was just me and this surf board, and the big blue sea. Much to my delight, I actually enjoyed the experience. And shockingly, I didn’t fall! By the end of the class, I knew I wanted to do it again.

And so the lesson is this: life is constantly presenting us with opportunities. Adventure, both big and small, is around every corner. If you learn to say yes instead of no, you can invite adventure into your life.

So go ahead, face your fears. Try something you’ve never tried. Be daring.

What’s next on your bucket list?

Love & Light,


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