Ring in 2017 with Positive Intentions!

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


http-_mashable-com_wp-content_gallery_triumph_fairly-odd-parentsAs we celebrate moving into a new year, we can’t help but feel the tides of change. Some people obsess over making resolutions. Others despise resolutions, feeling they’re useless.

Here’s my view on it:

Don’t set yourself up to fail with a ridiculously long list of unrealistic resolutions!

I myself prefer the word “intention.” I suggest making a small list of intentions you want to set for your life. Energies you want to bring forth. Make them realistic. Make them specific. Instead of saying you want to be happy, say you intend on releasing one of your negative patterns. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, say you intend on eating a healthy diet or work out 3 times a week.

Intention is powerful. Your thoughts carry this power, and where you place your focus will determine how your life goes. So why not be conscious of your intentions? For the past ten years, I’ve been conscious of my own. Every New Year, I meditate on the past year. I sit in quiet reflection. I look at my experiences in the past year. And then I think about where I want to go. But most importantly, I think about how to go about getting there. Then I write my list of intentions for the next year.

And remember, format the intentions in a positive way. In other words, don’t say want you don’t want, talk about what you do want! Instead of saying you want to stop living in the past, for example, say you intend on connecting to the present moment.10969_191804056882_581041882_3442801_4132959_n

So if you feel stuck somewhere in your life, every moment is an opportunity to change the direction on your sailboat. Start setting conscious intentions for your own life! Write them down. Meditate on them. Sing them in the shower if you have to. And know that they are already unfolding around you. They are not some distant goals that will one day come true. They are happening right now!

We all want to be happy. We all want to be in peace. But we need to remember that happiness is HERE in the present moment, ready for the taking, by those brave enough to grab it. I’m not saying life will be all rainbow butterflies and unicorns! Life is life. It will continue presenting us with challenges. But even within those challenges, there are opportunities to grow. And in every moment, we are free to make our own choices.

So go ahead, be bold.

Set yourself clear intentions.

And then, watch the magic unfold!

Love & light,



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