Keeping the Magic Alive in our Children

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Kids grow up fast. At first they’re cooing in diapers and the next thing you know, they’re telling you they’re “pre-tween” and too cool for certain things. When they’re young, they’re filled with wonder and innocence. They buy into the magic without question. But somewhere along the line, they stop believing. They may even block their own imagination and creativity as they grow up.

Here are some easy ways to cultivate and keep magic alive with your children:

1. Read!
Listen, I know the days of a parent are often exhausting. After a long day, you may not have much energy left. But I urge you to fit “Story time” in for as many years as possible. Reading to your children broadens their horizons and teaches them. It’s also a way for parents to bond with their children. Buy many books of different varieties to keep things spicy. And most of all, get into it. My daughter loves when I make different voices for the characters and read with a lot of expression. The energy is infectious and if you are engaged, then your children will be.

2. Write!
No matter what age, get your children writing. From doodling the alphabet in sparkles to developing full stories, each stage is special. Sit down with your child with a paper and pencil and create stories together. Invent characters. How about a one eyed fox named Slinky Pink who does everything backwards? Let your children get wacky. You’ll soon see that their creativity is deeper than you ever imagined. For older children, a good tactic to get them started is through the use of writing prompts. These are easy and fun ways to get the creative juices flowing. It could be anything from “Talk about your funniest moment” to “My superpower is….”

3. Create!
Let’s face it; we all love to look at pictures. Creating them is equally fun. So hand your children some crayons and markers and start drawing. Be sure to praise and encourage every effort they make. Sometimes children think they can’t draw well, but it’s your job to remind them that they can do anything they put their mind to. Who cares if it’s not perfect? Imperfection is far more interesting. Encourage them to be free and express themselves.


4. Expose them to art and culture!
Many children spend too much time in front of the television and or playing video games. Don’t forget that there’s a whole world out there to explore, so start introducing your children to art and culture. Take them to live theater. Bring them to museums and art galleries. Enrich them. Educate them. Inspire them.

5. Play!
And last of all, don’t forget to stop taking life so seriously. Your children certainly don’t! Get into the playtime zone with them by playing with them. It could be anything from playing hide and go seek to a scavenger hunt. Playing is one of the fundamental ways preschool children learn and a great way for older children to dig into their imagination. So go ahead and blast the music. Dance your heart out and make a conga line into the living room. Get jiggy with it! Time with your children is precious so enjoy every minute.

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One thought on “Keeping the Magic Alive in our Children

    Bertrand said:
    November 5, 2015 at 9:57 am

    God bless you. I don’t feel so crazy now trying to expose my girls to everything I possibly can.


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