The Impermanence of Life

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In my 40 years, this is what I have learned:


Life is beautiful. But life, just like emotion and experience, is transient. Fleeting. Here one moment and gone the next. One minute you reach triumphant heights and the next you’re drowning. One minute you’re feeling the deepest joy and then suddenly tragedy strikes. This is the duality of life.

Vipassana Meditation teaches us to be present in the moment and accept it, as it is. It shows us that we are eternally craving “good” experiences and avoiding “bad” ones. On and on goes this mad dance of craving/aversion, craving/aversion.

This is how addictions begin. Once we get a whiff of something we like, we want more. Likewise, this is how we distract ourselves from the Truth. When we feel something we don’t like, we do everything in our power to stop feeling it.

In my experience with Vipassana Meditation, I came face to face with my own “monkey mind.” I watched as it frantically jumped from one thought to the next, often worrying about things that haven’t even happened. It became a comedy! Now I’m training myself not to judge my experiences as “good” or “bad.” They just are. It’s all about acceptance.

So do yourself a favour; if there’s a particular experience giving you joy at this moment,

Learn to also be grateful for the challenges. They are blessings helping you grow and evolve.

Eventually, what you’re experiencing will end or change, as all things do. When it does, don’t look back with longing or regret. Thank the stars that it happened. And then turn your attention to the present moment, because that’s where true freedom lies.


Love & Light,


One thought on “The Impermanence of Life

    baileyjthompson said:
    August 3, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Beautiful posting, Lydia. Your words are magical.


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